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i got to the train station at 6:10 and found out that morning trains cost money today.

so i just came back home.

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Gilmore Girls - 1x01 - Pilot

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If I were to give my 17 year old self some advice there would be so much advice. [x]

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Well your mom and I were doing this natural child birth training course, which is like…you have the child without any pain killers. So we did like six months of these classes. And the first time your mom felt like a serious contraction she said, ‘Give me the drugs. Now!’ There’s this doctor that comes in and gives the pain killers, that’s his one job, and he would come in and give her the pain killer and come back in and check on her and every time he did she would turn to him with her wide eyes and say…

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- I’m excited for you to meet everyone else. I think they’re gonna like you.

- Well, I am your “super awesome best friend.”

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Episode 1 / Episode 90

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can we all just take a moment to appreciate gilmore girls

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